About me

I am an independent and task-focused person, both personally and at work. Solving complex and challenging problems, from infrastructure to low-level issues, is my strength. I enjoy experimenting with technology and creating exotic setups.


  • Senior DevOps Engineer @ NOKIA
    IV 2021 - I 2024
    I was primarily responsible for the development of an in-house distributed computing platform. The goal of that platform was to achieve quick execution time for a large pool of compute-heavy tests by running them on a pool of cloud nodes.
    • In-house distributed computing solution.
      • Introducing the tool on the 5G CI platform
      • Implementation of internal CI and tooling
      • Maintaining compatibility with dependencies
      • Feature development and maintenance
    • CI environment
      • Operating a large pool of production machines.
      • Using Grafana/Graphite, Icinga, Ansible
      • Working with a big C++ project
      • Significant reduction of feedback times.
  • Software Developer @ ZPAS SA
    X 2020 - II 2021
    I reconstructed the Windows HID DLL (x86_64) usb driver. I ported the functionality of the Windows library to an Android application that collected measurements and sent them to the Django backend
    • Reverse Engineering the user-space library of the HID device using Ghidra
    • A fully functional rewrite of the driver for Windows in C
    • Implementation of analogous functionality in Android application
    • A fully functional production deployment of an Android Application and Django Backend that collected measurements into a database


  • 2022 - now
    I share my thoughts on high performance VMs on Linux and topics that interest me.


  • Polish - native
  • English - C1
  • German - B1


  • Bachelor of Electronics
    2017 - 2021
    Wrocław University of Science and Technology, Faculty of Electronics
    Specialization: Applied Control Electronics
    BSc Thesis: Application For Finding Paths For Bikers And Runners


  • Hiking and trail running
  • Skating with protective equipment
Young, modest, handsome and self-confident guy with nice eyes


  • DevOps/CI - ability to automate tasks and supervise processes
  • Prototyping - Proofs of Concept delivered quickly
Reverse Engineering
  • Ghidra
  • GDB
  • Scripting languages debugging techniques
  • 64-bit arm assembly and embedded devices
  • Basic pentesting skills
  • Linux, Bash, Systemd
  • Docker, LXC,QEMU, Podman
  • Git, SVN
  • Restic, Rclone, Borgbackup
DevOps Tools
  • Ansible
  • Yocto project
  • Gitlab, Jenkins, Zuul
  • Gerrit
  • Icinga, Grafana, Graphite
  • Python - my scripting language of choice
    • standard library - threading, multiprocessing
    • Requests, Selenium - automation
  • C
    • Unix / Linux interfaces
    • Make proficiency
  • C++ - mainly from the DevOps side
    • CMake
  • Golang
    • API and tooling development
  • JavaScript (and HTML/JS)
    • React - for creating admin panels and forms
    • Next.js and Bootstrap
  • Language Agnostic
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