Szymon Niedźwiedź 2023/11/14

SMB configuration

Samba configuration is described on Samba - ArchWiki. This is config i sometimes use.

Linux server

# pacman -S samba
$ sudo mkdir -p /srv/smb/private
$ sudo chown "$USER" /srv/smb/private


  workgroup = WORKGROUP 
  server string = local samba
  server role = standalone server
# log to systemd
  logging = systemd
# disable netbios
  dns proxy = no 
  disable netbios = yes
# explicitly no follow symlinks
  follow symlinks = no
# force highest smb version possible (windows 10 and higher)
  server min protocol = SMB3_11
# disable obsolete LanMan authentication
  lanman auth = no
  ntlm auth = yes
  client lanman auth = no
# disable browsing of $IPC
  restrict anonymous = 2
# disallow unauthenticated user to browse shares
  usershare allow guests = no
# no anonymous user available
  map to guest = never
# do not load printers
  load printers = no
  printing = bsd
# do not show printers
  printcap name = /dev/null
# no ability so receive printer drivers in add printer menu on windows
  disable spoolss = yes
  comment = private share
  path = /srv/smb/private
  writable = yes
  printable = no

Aditionally ip range can also be restricted

# allow only local ip range
  hosts allow =

Test samba config


Create samba password for your username

$ sudo smbpasswd -a $USER

List users

$ sudo pdbedit -L -v

After config change smb must be restarted

# systemctl restart smb.service nmb.service

Enable smb on system start

# systemctl enable smb.service nmb.service


Remember to put samba behind strict firewall